Taste of Sri Lanka | Authentic Sri Lankan Spiced Food
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The Forks Market Location

Now Open!

Taste of Sri Lanka would like to wish that everyone stays safe & healthy while the world battles Covid-19!

At Taste of Sri Lanka, we take this very seriously; as a result, we have dramatically modified our operations to ensure 100% compliance with new restaurant regulations & guidelines for operations during the Re-Opening of businesses’ in Manitoba.

Appetizers & Snacks




Our signature crepe wrapped around assorted fillings, breaded, and fried.  One of our most popular snacks. 

Roti Pockets



Homestyle Sri Lankan Roti Pockets! Filled with Savory Chicken Curry and Potatoes or our famous Butter Chicken.




Baked not fried!  Our Samosas are different from any other in the city!  Available in Veggie(vegan) or Beef.




Authentic Sri Lankan Patties! Pastry like crust, stuffed with savory fillings.

Available in Beef, Chicken, or Tuna.

Side Dishes

Vegetarian Dishes

Eggplant Curry


$9.95   (Vegan)

One of our Most Popular Veggie dishes at TSL. Savory with a hint of sweetness.

Chickpea Curry


$7.95   (Vegan)

TSL Style Curry Chickpea.  Made with spinach and coconut milk with a hint of spice.

Mushroom Curry


$7.95    (Vegan)

Love Mushrooms & Looking for a tasty curry dish?  Our Savory Mushroom Curry in a coconut milk base is the way to go.

Mixed Vegetable Curry


$7.95    (Vegan)

A mix of garden vegetables made in a mild coconut-based curry.

Savory Basmati Rice

IMG_0517 (1)

$5.95 – $9.95 (Vegan)

Savory Basmati Rice with a unique blend of mild spices!

Curried Noodles


$5.95 – $9.95   (Vegan)

Savory Stirfry Style Curried Noodles.

Meat Dishes

Chicken Curry

unnamed (1)


Made with a tantalizing blend of Sri Lankan spices for those who like it spicy!

Butter Chicken



TSL’s take on the Indian Butter Chicken! Indulge your taste buds with this mild yet amazing Signature Dish.

Devilled Chicken



A Sweet and Spicy delight!  One of our most popular Chicken Dishes!  Stir Fry style dish that packs a bit of heat.

Chicken Satay

Screenshot at Jul 31 22-24-47


Grilled Chicken Skewers marinated in TSL special blend of spices, then smothered in Peter’s Famous Hot Sauce.

Combo Platters

Crave the spice & looking for tasty & unique lunch or dinner? Then our combination platters is a great choice.

All Combos Include Your Choice of

Savory Rice or Curried Noodles

Combo Platter 1



Platter 1 Includes a side of Curried Noodles or Curried Rice with One Veggie item.

Combo Platter 2



Platter 2 Includes a side of Curried Noodles or Curried Rice with One Meat item.

Combo Platter 3



Platter 3 Includes a side of Curried Noodles or Curried Rice with Two Veggie items.

Combo Platter 4



Platter 4 Includes a side of Curried Noodles or Curried Rice with One Veggie item & One Meat item.

Combo Platter 5



Platter 5 Includes a side of Curried Noodles or Curried Rice with One Meat item & Two Veggie items.


Our Signature & Famous Kottu “Roti” dish! Bringing traditional spices & ingredients used in Sri Lankan street food “roti” is a savory dish that is sure to be flavorful every time. Kottu, also known as koththu roti or kothu roti, is a Sri Lankan dish made from godhamba roti (a type of Sri Lankan bread) and vegetables, egg, and/or meat, and spices.

Kottu Roti



Onions, eggs, tomatoes sauteed together with Chopped Roti and a Blend of Meat and Vegetable Curry.  Also available as a Vegan dish,  One of TSL’s Most Popular dishes!

Stuffed Roti



Freshly cooked Roti Shell filled with your choice of Veggies & Meat.

Taste of Sri Lanka is now available on DoorDash!

Note: DoorDash Services offered within 8km radius of The Forks Marketplace

Reviews from TripAdvisor!

  •   I'm a sucker for samosas, and these did not disappoint! The curry was also very good, and so was the eggplant. The owner is very helpful and lets you try... read more

    avatar thumb 551jena
  •   Read the reviews. Some are good, some are not. I decided to make my own judgement. Am I ever glad I did! The curry chicken is spicy and the taste... read more

    avatar thumb Mishka01
  •   Fantastic plate of Sri Lankan food for $12. The vegetarian options are so tasty, especially the eggplant dish. Ask for extra hot sauce on the side if you like spicy food.

    avatar thumb Tommyboy3d
  •   We tried the butter chicken pockets and the curry chicken wrap as well as the curry chick peas. Very yummy! The staff are very friendly and helpful. We were told... read more

    avatar thumb alannak2003
  •   Had a quick snack at the Forks today. Unreal and reasonably priced. Will be moving to Sri Lanka soon.

    avatar thumb emmetesmith